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Case Study: Bright Family Greenhouse

The Bright Family Greenhouse is located in Bucklin, Missouri. In 2001, Eric Bright received funds from the Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Award to cover costs of materials and some of the family’s labor in the construction of a wood fired boiler for the family greenhouse.

The family farm is approximately 200 acres, with 150 acres in pasture and hay land. The farm is a working dairy with 60 cattle. The greenhouse produces bedding plants, which are sold at local farmer markets and directly to the public through the farm gate.

The family uses approximately 10 cords of wood annually, and fires the system up twice a day during the winter. The wood fuel is leftover scraps from a previous timber sale on the property.

The system plans were acquired from Deb Design at a cost of $25.

System Specs

  • 30’ x 100’ Greenhouse
  • 36 cubic foot firebox
  • 150 gallon boiler tank
  • Chevrolet big block radiator (heat exchanger)
  • Blower fan
  • Cellophane tubing
  • Circulation pump

Cost of System

  • (Labor costs are not included)
  • Sheet metal: $70
  • Old radiator: $25
  • Design Plans: $25
  • Wood fuel (approximately 10 cords) No cost

Additional Information

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