Case Study: Darby Public Schools

Darby Public Schools in Darby, Montana installed a Messersmith boiler in 2003 to heat a three-school campus. Approximately 700 tons of wood per year is used to heat 82,000 square feet. This system saved approximately $60,000 in 2004 when compared to the oil consumption of the old system. Most of the chips are supplied by area loggers trying to sell all the materials from logging sites. Generally the material used for fuel is cull material and could not be sold. It is estimated that 50 acres of hazardous fuel reduction work will produce enough chips needed by the school annually.

Source: Fuel for Schools

System Specs

  • Messersmith boiler
  • 3 million BTU per hour output
  • 150 horsepower
  • 60-ton storage bin
  • Underground piping

System Cost

  • Installation Cost $919,791
  • Annual Operation and Maintenance Cost
  • Wood fuel cost $26,660
  • Electricity cost $2,034

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