Health Concerns with Wood Heating

The primary concerns with wood heat are the risk of structural fire or ignition of personal clothing, and air particulates. Indoor air pollution from wood burning is a significant problem in third world countries where cooking wood is burned inside without proper ventilation.

In recent years studies have identified the amount and nature of air particulates placed into the indoor and outdoor environment from improperly burned firewood. It can not be emphasized enough that only EPA (or Canadian) approved wood burning devices (stoves or inserts) should be used for wood heating to reduce adverse health affects from wood burning.

The Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association and U.S. EPA partner with local businesses and governments to reduce air particulates from inefficient wood stoves through a wood stove buyout program. In Montana wood stove change outs have resulted in dramatically improved indoor and outdoor air quality and reduced respiratory stress for residents.

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